Healthy Micky Mouse Waffles For Picky Eaters, Toddlers & Babies

I recently came up with healthy Micky Mouse waffles. They were a hit with both boys. My 3 year old who dislikes mostly everything LOVES them!

I highly recommend purchasing a Micky waffle maker if you have a picky eater like myself. I have linked mine below.

I then use Kodiak Cakes Power Cakes Pancake & Waffle Mix (linked below). It’s super easy, all you need to add is water! It’s full of protein, whole grains and fiber. It’s Non-GMO and contains no preservatives. I also make muffins with this mix.

The next step is where you can get a little creative. I add in some frozen greens. Usually spinach or kale. I then like to add it some chia seeds.

It’s as simple as that! I then pour the batter in the maker.

For extra protein I sometimes add peanut butter on top. Shane also likes to eat them with sugar-free applesauce. I like to make a large batch at once. I put some in the freezer for a quick snack when Shane’s requesting sweets. He has no idea these are actually healthy, so it’s a huge win!


You can also add a cooking spray because they can sometimes stick to the pan. I use a light coconut cooking spray.

Try not to make them too thin, because this will also result in sticking.


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